For participants (2012.05.27)
  Social programs   Information of Venue   Floor Plan : 7th Floor of Miraikan
The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) in Tokyo, Japan
June 3-6, 2012
Sponsored by
Yamada Science Foundation
Important Dates
March 16, 2012
Deadline of short abstract submission (Poster Only)   [Closed]
March 30,2012
Notification of Acceptance
April 27, 2012
Deadline of Extended Abstract for all speakers
April 27, 2012
Deadline of Early Registration (Closed)
Registration Now available
May 28, 2012
Deadline of short presentation files submission (Poster Only)
General notice for presenters

For invited speakers and Oral speakers

(1) Presentation time
Plenary Lectures (PL01-PL03):
   50 min. in total (speech for 40 min. and discussion for 10 min.)
Invited Lectures (IL01-IL10):
   40 min. in total (speech for 30 min. and discussion for 10 min.)
Oral presentations (OP01-OP18):
   30 min. in total (speech for 25 min. and discussion for 5 min.)
(2) Computer
Invited/oral presentations are carried out using a liquid crystal projector. Speakers can use their own personal computers. The presentation room has a common personal computer for presentation. If you use the common computer for your presentation, you are recommended to transfer your presentation file (caution!: PowerPoint file only!) to the common computer during a coffee break.

For poster presenters

(1) Short presentation (flash talk)
All poster presenters will have short oral presentation on June 3, 17:00-19:00. Presentation time for each person is within 2 minutes including rotation time.
(2) Short presentations file.
All poster presenters must submit your short oral presentations file.
  • The deadline is May 28, 2012, 17:00.
  • Please submit the files using management system on the
  • The slide is up to 2 pages, and only PDF format is acceptable

  • - The slides should include poster number, title, name of the presenter, and figure(s) representing presentation contents.
    - All fonts in the PDF must be embedded in the document, and the size is A4 transverse.
    - File name should be poster number. (P0xx.pdf)
    - The file size should be less than 7 M bytes.
(3) Poster Presentation (June 4, 18:00-19:30)
The discussion time is divided into three frames.
18:00-18:30 Core time for a poster presenters who are allotted an odd number
18:30-19:00 Core time for a poster presenters who are allotted an even number
19:00-19:30 for all presenters
(4) Display of posters
Poster presenters are recommended to have their posters in place by PM 3:00 of Sunday (June 3rd) and taking down the posters from AM 9:00 to AM11:00 of Tuesday (June 5th).
Pins are available at the session site.
(5) Poster size
The size of the panels for poster presentation is 90 cm (width) x 180 cm (height) .
Please prepare your poster within the panel size.
Registration Fee (JPY)
Early Registration
By April 27, 2012
60,000 JPY20,000 JPY
Late Registration
After April 28, 2012
70,000 JPY25,000 JPY